S.W. Chemicals’ Products


: the material produced after the detonation of    explosives, and it constitutes graphite, amorphous   carbon, and impurities (25 ~ 85 wt%).

*Soot products

  To be produced in 2 kg/detonation chamber in 2022

2) DND powders

    : It is essential to remove impurities such as graphite, amorphous carbon, and metal impurities which the detonation soot possesses

    : It is of pivotal importance to establish a low cost purification process since it makes up to more than 40% of total production cost.

    : Optimization of the content of graphite and amorphous carbon is required, so it is important to control the purity of NDs depending on the applications.

*S.W. Chemicals’  DND powder model

 SWC provides 5 grades of DND powders by finely controlling the content ratios of diamond and impurities (graphite, amorphous carbon, metals).

3)DND suspension products

   SWC provides various types of DND powders as well as DND suspensions

   - Customized DND powders with controlled purity, size, and functional groups

   - Customized DND suspension in various solvents

S.W. Chemicals’ DND suspension model