Early Development Service

Customers can save their time, money and efforts in developing their products

through SWC’s early development service, which satisfies the needs from its customers

by providing a customized synthesis / purification / dispersion of the diamond and related materials

SWC possesses a top-notch analysis skills for diamond, its employees have deep knowledge and understanding for the analysis and are making every effort to provide best and reliable results.

Synthesis service

: The customer can use this service  to test new synthetic     method or their own conditions.

  -50 g scale of TNT equivalent

  -250 g scale of TNT equivalent

  -2 kg scale of TNT equivalent

Purification and functionalization service

: The customer can request their own grade

Dispersion service

: SWC can provide the service for the development of   customized DND suspension in various solvents with various DND particle sizes, and etc.

Surface functionalization

: The customer can request their own grade