Characteristics of Nanodiamonds

Physicochemical characteristics

-. Hardness : the hardest among naturally occurring substances

-. Wear resistance : 10-fold enhancement

-. Friction resistance : 0.03 of friction coefficient

-. Corrosion resistance : 4-fold enhancement

-. Large specific surface area : 300 cm2/cm2 

-. Excellent thermal conductivity : 2,400 W/m·K

-. Extremely low thermal expansion

-. Electrical insulation

-. Absorption of IR/UV

-. Biologically compatible

Nanodiamonds can be utilized in an infinite variety of applications because of their valuable intrinsic and easily tunable properties such as their small sizes in nm range, various surface functional groups, excellent dispersibility, zeta potential, and amorphous carbons, etc.

In particular, there are numerous functional groups (-COOH, -OH, -CO, -NH2, etc.) on the surface of ND, which enables a number of applications by making physical/chemical bonds with various kinds of molecules